Penn State’s Agricultural Economics class taste of their work!

24 May Penn State’s Agricultural Economics class taste of their work!

Penn State’s Agricultural Economics class travels to the CYEC each year to provide technical support. Here is a taste of their work:

Business Time!

Niaje from the Business Team, Andrés, Ben, and Nora!

So far we’ve had a busy and exciting past couple of days. We have two sets of workshops that we have been working on, one on business skills and the other on professional skills.

We have created three workshops for business skills and three for professional skills. For the first set we have: Introductory Conversation about Business, Identifying Resources, and Business Planning. For the second set we have: Introductory Conversation about Jobs, Identifying Resources/Creating Resumes, and Job Interview. These two sets of workshops will be given to different audiences at the CYEC and in the informal settlements.

For the first set of business workshops, we have been collaborating with Bernard, Mercy, Kevin, and Charles (members of the CYEC staff/volunteers) in order to make sure that information is culturally relevant. We met Monday morning and have a second meeting today, Tuesday morning. We have been invited to deliver the business workshops to a group of women in the informal settlements near Nyeri, via a contact of Janelle. The group of CYEC staff/volunteers will primarily deliver the workshops because of the language barrier and in order to ensure that the Kenyan audience is comfortable. We are excited to be a part of this! On Thursday our team will be going into the informal settlements to meet the women that we will be working with and to briefly discuss our workshops that will take place the following week. We will also be meeting with SACCOS, which is a local financial cooperative, in order to find out what resources are available for the women.





We will be delivering the Professional Skills workshops this week! We start Wednesday with our first introductory workshop and will end Friday with mock interviews. We have been working this week to create a resume template that the CYEC can keep here for the youth to use when they start searching for a job. We have identified members of the CYEC who could give us job search, resume, and interviews tips. Our team is also planning on spending an afternoon in town in order to talk to local business owners and get information about what they want to see on a resume, hear in an interview, and see in an employee. We want to be able to give this information to the youth during our workshops to better prepare them for the job search in Nyeri.


Between our two sets of workshops, trips into town, and spending time with the kids, we have a lot going on. Today we’re heading into town after our meeting to get some samosas for lunch before visiting the eco-village site, Othaya. We’ll keep you all updated!

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