Educational Program

Education is a vital part of any child’s development. Many of the CYEC’s children and youth have had their education interrupted due to lack of school fees or difficult domestic situations. The CYEC ensures that all of its children and youth attend school through class eight.

Ilima Academy Preschool
In 2012, the CYEC began offering a preschool to the local school children. The fees that they pay support the program and allow the Centre’s preschool aged children to attend for free.

IMG_3092Primary School
In 2003 Kenya began providing “free” primary school education to all of its children. However, children must supply their own schoolbooks, uniforms, shoes and even desks. The CYEC ensures that all of its children possess school supplies. The CYEC’s staff assists children in completing their assignments during evening “homework hours”.

Secondary School
The CYEC seeks out sponsors for all of its secondary school-aged children. These sponsorships are applied directly to the youth’s tuition. Youth who are unable to find sponsors or whose interests lie outside of academia are required to partake in Vocational Skills Training.