Samuel’s Story

06 Aug Samuel’s Story

Below is a testimony written by a former CYEC student meant to capture their experience before, during and after their time at the CYEC.

My name is Samuel Muraya, and I am 24 years old. I come from Mombasa Makande Kenya. I am a student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University undertaking a course leading to a bachelor of computer science (business information systems) degree. I am on my second year, yet I still teach computer packages at Rathithi polytechnic as a helper of the CYEC. I came to the CYEC because I wanted to have a better future.

I came to the center when I was 14 years old, and I have stayed for about 10 years.

I was brought up by my grandparent; my mother left me when I was just 4 years old with my grandparent. There were not enough resources like school fees, so I had to delay before joining junior school. There was family issues, so I left and, when I was 15 years old, my mother passed and I went to live on the street. A good samaritan came and took me to school. I stayed there for some time, but the teacher used to give a lot of work and I was unable to concentrate on studies. I ran away again and went back to the street. I stayed for about a year before coming to the Centre.

When I was at the CYEC, I was able to gain a lot mentally, religiously, socially and also educational support until I completed my high school. Due to the leadership skills I gained from Centre, I was able to be appointed as my high school captain.

My most impactful moments, after undergoing the leadership skills and awarded the certificate, was to be appointed as a school captain,. After all the struggles, I was to get the grades to attend university and I am excited.

My dream for the CYEC is to be a place where youth are able to understand their purpose and natural talents, strive to achieve their best and be able to live to their fullest.

Currently, I am at the university studying computer science. My goal is to become the best website designer and live a successful life and have a better family. I would like to help other kids from the street and orphans to have a good life.

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