Our Staff

Bernard Oduor

Head of Production, Partnerships and Enterprise Development

Bernard oversees the Centre’s production program as well as developing exit and resource mobilization strategy. He serves as the chairman for Zawadi Youth Enterprises, prudently guiding youth as they start and expand entrepreneurial activities. He is a member of the center’s management committee and acting manager of the newly established Rathithi polytechnic and an IT instructor.  Mr. Oduor holds BSc in Business Information Technology from Kenya Methodist University and diploma in Information Technology from the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

Issa Adam

Head of Education

Issa Adam runs daily operations at the centre and serves as a member of the center management committee. He oversees the education of all CYEC children in general. He ensures that children are placed in the correct school and monitors their grades and participation in class. He is the contact person between local schools and CYEC.

Issa is a member of Nyeri central children’s Area Advisory Council and a Volunteer children’s officer with the children’s department. He holds a diploma in Community Development & Social work from Kenya Institute of Professional Studies and a diploma in Human Resource Management from The University of Nairobi.

Cariline Mbuthia

Financial Officer

Caroline oversees all of the CYEC’s financial transactions and also serves as a member in the center’s management committee.  Caroline is a Certified Public Accountant. Before joining the CYEC’s staff, Caroline worked with the Nyeri water and Sewerage Company (NYEWASCO).

Gladwell Anangwe

Logistics Officer

Gladwell oversees the Centre’s major purchases and ensures that the Centre is equipped with all of the children’s needs. She provides professional advice to the Section Heads in respect of procurement practices; in addition to this, she runs mentorship programs for adolescent girls at the center.

Gladwell holds a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and a diploma in procurement from Kenya Institute of Management. She is a member of Kenya Institute of Supply Chain Management.

Daniel Waithaka

Head of Residential Programs and Acting Administrator

Daniel runs a community health clinic based at the CYEC and oversees residential care and nutrition. He is also the vice chair of the center’s management committee and acting center’s Administrator. He holds a BSc in Nursing from the University of Nairobi and is a registered Community Health Nurse. As an undergraduate, he conducted research in Kibera on the nutritional status of slum-dwelling children. Before coming to the CYEC Mr. Waithaka worked at the Nyeri County Referral Hospital.

Mercy Wawira


Mercy manages the Centre’s front office and also serves as an assistant to the Section Head, Administration. She ensures that all students have all the required documentations. Mercy works with section head, Finance and Administration to ensure all the plans are implemented.

Stephen Njenga

House Father

Njenga doubles up as house father and counselor. He assists the daily activities of the CYEC’s boys and ensures that all of their basic needs are met. He wakes and prepares the boys for school, ensures that each boy attends every meal and goes to bed on time. He also provides emotional and paternal support. He is also a very skilled handyman and assists in the Centre’s maintenance. Njenga holds a certificate in counseling from Premier college.

Phyllis Wanjiru

House Mother

Phyllis oversees the daily activities of the CYEC’s girls and ensures that all of their basic needs are met. This includes waking and preparing the girls for school, ensuring that each girl attends all meals and goes to bed on time. She also provides emotional and maternal support to all of the CYEC’s girls.

David Wangila


Wangila doubles as a driver and the institution’s messenger. He drives the Centre’s vehicles, taking children to school and picking up supplies. He also assists in general maintenance of the Centre. He is the patron of the YCS and also runs a performing art club.

Joseph Obura


Obura doubles as a cook and assistant store keeper. He ensures that all meals are served on time and food store is in good condition. Obura has over 30 years’ experience as a cook in a school setting.