Laban’s Story

03 Sep Laban’s Story

Below is a testimony written by a former CYEC student meant to capture their experience before, during and after their time at the CYEC.

My name is Laban Amuhaya, am 24 years of age , we are four in my family three boys and a girl, am currently on dairy production at CYEC and still doing part time studies at mechanical engineering course, my home background is Western part of Kenya, a place called Kaimosi. Back at my home background we had some issues about tribal and my mum was involved and she started ailing at the hospital until she passed.

Due to family issues, me and my brother run away at night  and we boarded a bus and we didn’t know where to go so we were lost and after 8 months were relocated to the CYEC with my brother at the age of 12 years old. My first days experience was worse, still being on different tribal was a thing  but with time it was becoming sweet, and we were accepted to be as one of the family am happy because am celebrating my birthday as the 12th year at CYEC. My childhood back there before had joined here was terrible and irritating, my favorite  memory is when we went for a tour at snake park because we did great in our academics.

Commenting about CYEC I can say they have been with me almost all my childhood, pay for my education, health etc, and partly manhood part and am honored to be hosted all that time and made the rest of my brothers and sisters to be good role model and people to be admired of.

My other thoughts about this place is that we are not united like back my days and utilization of talents and the academic results of the kids is poor for more of the kids because of a current lack of resources. My future goals is to be in a good job and settle then I can help kids in my house mostly three regardless to my capability.

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